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(If you don't see it here, PLEASE CALL - we specialize in 'hard-to-find-stuff!')
Note: ALL prices subject to change without notice and out of our control
and the availability of manufactures varies at times (everybody has to say this disclaimer!)

Computers - Peripherals - Parts - Systems & Networking

We have lots of "stuff" in our store! Come in and look around. ICA, LLC is your local source for new and used personal computers and a wide range of computer peripherals. If you are looking for a computer and are not sure what capability you need, we will be happy to assist you in defining the perfect PC to meet your needs.

We stock a variety of pre-configured models in our store and we SPECIALIZE in assembling custom computer configurations that are specific to meet your current and future needs. We also provide upgrade and repair services for ALL PC's and LAPTOPS such as ACER, DELL, IBM, Toshiba, SONY, HP, and other computer peripherals and manufactures. All of our products are backed by manufacturer's warranty.

We stock Hewlett Packard printers at our Chesapeake City, Maryland store but we are dealers for most manufacturer's equipment and can have almost anything for you next day. We don't try to compete with the "big box" stores but if you need a little help deciding what to buy, or if you have ever tried to actually buy something at a "big box" store, you will appreciate the ease and convenience of buying locally!  For example, when we sell a printer you get the cable!  It's not an extra, it COMES WITH THE PRINTER like it should!

If you are looking for pre-owned equipment, we have an assortment in stock at very reasonable prices. All used equipment is backed by our 30 day warranty.

We also stock a wide variety of cables, Ink Jet and Laser printer cartridges and papers, modems, hubs and routers, computer parts and software, APC backup power supplies and we carry a wide variety of batteries for all types of battery powered equipment.

If you are looking for older hard-to-find hardware or software, call or E-mail us. If we don't have it in stock, we can usually get it for you next day.

Also, visit our IRON collection, Antique Compuyter Collection AND we also sell LOCAL HONEY!  Something for everyone!

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