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Welcome to our 'official class web page' for the Sparta High School Class of 1968.

Pictures posted!!
[1964 Hopatcong Graduation]    [2008 Sparta High School 40th Reunion]    [Other Reunion Photos and Information]
[Other interesting Stuff from 1968 Classmates - you will be surprised!!]

50th Reunion - it's ON!

Please ANYONE who wants to help with the reunion please let us know! More details to follow.

The reason for this page is to find all possible classmates for our 50th (yes 50th) year reunion in 2018.  Your last (40th) reunion committee members are listed below.  We need to work hard to locate any and all information on MISSING classmates and we need YOUR help!

Reunion Committee/Group members consist of: (Our address and other information are in the Classmates file below)
Pam Winchester (Woodford) jpwoody@bellsouth.net
Kit Jones (Collins) kitjc1950@icloud.com
Edward E. Boas, Jr. eeboas@gmail.com 410-885-2365 (Please call or send me - Thanks!

Christie (Carson) Whitehouse christine.whithouse@gmail.com 973-896-2086
Val (Marach) Ballowe ballowe@ptd.net 973-726-9358
Peggy (Lott) Stankevich peggy.stankevich@verizon.net 973-670-9845
David Lehmkuhl dclehm@aol.com or spartahigh68@aol.com 908-229-9088

Classmates UPDATE 02-26-2018 11:00AM
NOTE: Now .htm file for quick access!! (because file has become so large)
C's yearbook photos added (give pictures a second to load please!)

Updates include -
- Multiple Students from other classmates
On a sad note Bill Ashley Obit 2/18/2018 HERE

NEW - Fred Schuld passed Friday February 23, 2018 - more to follow

NEW - Links to Yearbook Photographs! - Click on LETTER for Groups!
Links to missing students by last name in blue then to national search page results!
NEW - Links to DECEASED information in blue - FYI!

Please review the list of classmates above and help us out.
This is a *.htm file (almost 10Mb) and you should email eeboas@gmail.com with ANY and ALL
updates to the master list.
Thank you! We will revise the list with updates immediately and post the update here!

Please contact Edward E. Boas, Jr. (eeboas@gmail.com) and he will update the EXCEL sheet and make it available to all on this web page link.
PLEASE include your email address since this is the easiest and quickest way to contact everyone in a timely manner.

NOTE: There is a simple link to this page on the TOP and VERY BOTTOM of http://www.icacc.com its SHS1968!

50th Reunion - it's ON!

Please visit the CURRENT Sparta High School Home page at https://www.sparta.org/Domain/11

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