Sparta High School Class of 1968
40th Reunion - A Great Success!!
Thank you to all who attended!!

Below are the pictures from my camera.  Please feel free to email me with additions and names that i can't
remember at the moment.  Pictures are in no particular order.  I'm going to try to get the names right but please
help me with corrections and missing information by picture number - I need help (sorry - it's the morning after!)
NOTE: re re-touching or editing has been done to the photos - it's really YOU!
It was a FUN night!

Picture 1 - Now here is a crowd for you - From left Ed Boas (wake me!), Pam Winchester,
Dave Lehmkuhl and his wife Nishet, Carol and Steve Dimmick, Joanne and Ken Stoehrmann

Picture 2 - I would have to call this the Hopatcong crowd - where is Tim?, Sal Caruso, Dave Davidson and his wife Stephanie,
Mike Bunk, Mike McQuade, Tim Meyers is missing but Kathleen is here, Laura Terilli and Nancy Cornwell.

Picture 3 - Ahhh - Tim's back next to Kathleen and Sal wanted to get next to Mike - smile!

Picture 4 - Ed Conner, Bob Strupp and wife Madelyn, Brian Dykstra, Joe Takacs, Alan Bothroyd,
Is that you Bob Slockbower

Picture 5 - Tom Donofrio, Jack Schuman, Carlene Thissen, Tina Johnson and husband William Smith,
Eileen and Ken Goss.

Picture 6 - Lookin good Todd Marks, Christie Carson and husband Greg Whitehouse, Mark Hopkins,
Jeff Gammelin, Beth Callendar, Steve Wenzel, and Bob Kalafut.

Picture 7 - Donna Fiorenza and her husband John Sterling (SHS 1967), Audry and Bill Ashley,
Stan Pierce and his wife Jane, Judy and Chuck Kanapicki

Picture 8 - Kathleen Tansey, Kevin and Debbie Pierson, Ginger Nelson and Valerie Marach

Picture 9 - Maren Sorenson, Sue Shatt, Kathy Jenkins, Debbie Habbart, Margie Finkle, Mary Decker,
Peggy Lott, and (thanks for the help) Kit Jones.

Picture 10 - Beth Callendar, Steve Wenzel, Bob Kalafut, ??, Todd Marks, Christie Carson and husband Mark,
Mark Hopkins and Jeff Gammelin's back! (This is a hard one from the back side)

Picture 11 - The first group picture

Picture 12 - The second group picture.

Picture 13 - The third and final group picture .

Picture 14 - Since you won't find Stan Pierce in the yearbook - we will make up for that here and now.
This is Stan Pierce who graduated with us in 1968 - where did that old picture go?

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