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"The Night Before Takeoff"
At the Sea Ranch Motel Mile 7 Beach Road - Kill Devil Hills, NC

It's not often you find a live play about aviation.  In fact this is the first time I ever heard of it.
Aviation with history, comedy, facts, and then a little almost reality thrown in - just fun for the aviation nut!
In the home of the first flight - what really happened on the night before that day December 17th, 1903 - now WE know!
YOU need to find out and see this play.  Here are some links to help you out:

Did Wilbur and Orville really consider going back to Dayton on the eve of their historic First Flight ? Did the brothers really seek assistance from spirits ? The "truth" will be revealed after all these years in "THE NIGHT BEFORE TAKEOFF". It is a short little stage play with food provided by THE PEARL RESTAURANT. The show will "happen" at the Sea Ranch Hotel at MP 7 on the Beach Road and will actually be running from August 4 thru 29 September. Doors will open at 6:30 PM with cash bar, hors d'oeuvres served at or about 7:00PM - No desserts and the show will start at 7:30 PM.  Call (252) 449-2762 for reservations. We are not selling advance tickets. We will be taking reservations and getting a check or cash at the door. We are a brand new theatre group who just cannot afford to accept credit cards yet.

Needless to say the group was great and we were treated like royalty with the stars.
The personal time with the writer / director Tom Filkins and Producer Monty Montcalm really set the stage for the play.
Here are some pictures with the stars and us!

The play opens with Wilber (Jack Jones right - great voice and diction!), Orville (Jay Brumbeloe middle) and Otto Lilienthal (Keith Morrison)
setting the stage for the spirits to visit the brothers on the Night Before Takeoff.

Orville and Wilber (right) are listening to the spirit of Otto Lilienthal who woke them up the night before takeoff (perhaps after the
peaches and flounder - since mechanic Charles Taylor ate all the bankers pork). Very good dialog and acting my involved and engaged actors!

The first visitor spirits are from aviation past.  On the left is Icarus (after his crash played by Dimitriois Vlahos) and on the right
is Daedelus (his dad played by Mike Merritt).  Charlie calls these guys girls in dresses!?  Icarus did a great job with some cool
'freakin' lines!

This was after the play taking some shots.  Icarus was getting even with Dad for the wax he used on his wings - and a hot day
spelled trouble for his flight!

The spirit visitor from the present (circa 1903ish) is Harriet Quimby (played by Julia Scheer.
OK, to save the Google time - she was the first woman pilot, first woman to cross the English Channel and (oh well) was the first
to fall to her death from an airplane (1912) - not wearing seat belts!  She is giving Orville and Wilber some support for their next days
event of flight and how it will effect future generations.

Here Harriet is telling Orville and Wilber how to get it straight and level tomorrow! - pay attention!

The spirit of aviation future is Sally Ride (played by Donna Grim).  Here in this shot is the Wright's mechanic Charley Taylor (played by
Mike Daly - very well!)  Sally really gets the brothers going with woman in aviation and NASA, rockets, oxygen and hydrogen fuel?

Here mechanic Charlie and Orville (great character by Jay Brumbeloe) are hamming it up for us.  Great characters.  Felt like you were
there with them on the sand, with the bugs the size of rabbits, peaches with sand, and flounder - ahhh what great times 1903 at OBX!

Sally Ride is not taking any crap from Wilber - a woman astronaut is telling him - he has to get it done for her sake tomorrow 12/17/1903.

Everyone involved with the play is great and personal.  Here the cast and crew post with some guests this evening.

Another shot from Monty - producer and part-time photographer for patrons.  Other hidden talents?

The final shot from Monty - thank you to you all for an entertaining evening!  If you are in town - catch this play.  Go to the
links at the top and give Monty a call.  Oh, the light hors d'oeuvres come with the ticket price and cash bar - bring a friend!

Feel free to let me know what you think or if you have any questions, send me an email at eeboas@dol.net.

ALL Photos 2008 Dr. Edward E. Boas, Jr., and are to be used ONLY with written consent.
Any and ALL other publications of these pictures without permission is prohibited. Thank you!

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