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Thursday August 14th, 2008 - Manteo North Carolina
The 27th Annual Arts Festival - taking a look!

Annually the Town of Manteo hosts a two day event called the New World Festival of the Arts.
We visited today and walked around to take a look.  We have been to the last 10+ years of this event.
We noticed far less vendors and far less people at the event today - a sign of the times?

When we arrived, we parked on a side street and walk in thru the catwalk across the marsh.
Here is the lighthouse on the left looking out to Pirates Cove in the distance in the middle of the sound.

Looking from the catwalk into the festival in town.  YES, the dock sags in spots and this is not trick photography!
You can see the vendors tents in the park area ahead.

My ship has come in?  Yep - the Chinese junk has arrived.  Taking tourists for a ride I guess.
Some guys in the foreground hoisting the sail for a sound sailing event.  There is a slight wind - it's hot but low humidity.

A quick look back thru the marsh at the boat museum - a nice view I think!?

A old sailing sloop from the Maritime Museum and the Manteo lighthouse in the distance.  Note the BLUE sky! - Almost matches the water!

Here is a picture from in the museum.  I had a hydroplane like this one in the 60's at Lake Hopatcong, NJ.  They also
have an old 50's motor on the wall - I have a Johnson Outboard from the 1940's in my basement.  Maybe a donation is in my future?

The description of this boat follows in the next picture - this is a replica.  Even the nails used are period square raised heads.
The quality of this boat is excellent - what a nice display in the Museum.  A fun place to tour and it's FREE!

Here is the description of the boat above.  It was actually a sail boat.

Out of the Museum and back along the waterfront to the Arts Exhibit area again.  Here is the lighthouse from another angle.

A closer look at the Manteo lighthouse.

No - not a crazy picture.  Look closely - there are thousands of fish swimming around the docks.  I tried to capture them here.
They were everywhere.  I guess no bigger fish in this area to eat them?

Across the dock to the sitting area you can see the replica Elizabeth II ship at the festival Park.

On the Manteo waterfront with the boats to the right and the festival exhibitors to the left.

I had not seen this before a 24' with a 300 Mercury - YES - a 300hp Mercury engine - WOW!.

The replica ship at the Park in Manteo from the waterfront.  Looks like a good crowd on board today for the tour.

Could not resist - the two bi-wings kept flying above and I had to try to grab a shot or two.  One is a Stearman and the other a Waco.

Now you can see it's red with yellow markings, out of Manteo Airport about 3 miles north of town.  They give tourists rides
up and down the coast all day long - 7 days a week.

Well - some people are coming to these events in a different way.  This is a WHIZZER bicycle - man it looks good.  Nice
color and chrome.  Classy way to travel these days if you are local.

We walked up into town and this is an example of an INN in town near the north end of downtown.  Nice landscaping and typical
Carolina architecture.  I was waiting for Penny to come out of the pottery shop at my back - of course!

I'm waiting at the Manteo bookstore (for you know who! - at my back) and took a shot here looking back to the waterfront at some
of the shops in downtown Manteo.  Hope you enjoyed my short tour of the Arts Festival in downtown Manteo today - thanks!

Feel free to let me know what you think or if you have any questions, send me an email at eeboas@dol.net.

ALL Photos 2008 Dr. Edward E. Boas, Jr., and are to be used ONLY with written consent.
Any and ALL other publications of these pictures without permission is prohibited. Thank you!

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