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Sunday Morning - November 2, 2008
Just a nice morning for a walk around the basin in
Chesapeake City, MD

What a nice fall morning.  I decided to walk around the basin and my properties and had my camera in hand.
All the pictures (some better than others) are here for you to enjoy and share!

Out in the front yard is a nice blue single master that spent the night just off the front of our dock.

My artistic shot of the wind blowing and the bridge in the distance.  Right by our dock.

Another look at the bridge and our dock in the foreground.

Starting my walk around the basin and some more bridge pictures.

A lone fisherman from the back creek bridge - don't know if he was lucky or sleeping.  If he is sleeping - hope he doesn't lean forward - splash?

Nice sunlight and the basin with overnight sailors.  Pretty picture.  OH, that's my shadow in the foreground!

A closer look at the boats in the basin.

A sailor in a small boat fixing something on the front of the small sailboat to the right.

Looking back at our houses on the basin.

A far away shot of the Biggs house and our houses on the basin.

A close shot of a nice blue sailboat right off our dock.

A picture of our house as the leaves are changing.

A look at downtown south Chesapeake City on an early Sunday morning.

Walking back - here is a nice shot of the red maple on the Biggs front yard.

Getting artistic again with the camera.  Well it was sticking up there so . . . .

Our neighbor's house - the Biggs (Bob and Wendy) how their house looks from the basin - very nice today!

Framing the bridge and boats.  Pretty tree colors downtown.

Again Bob and Wendy's looking good with the flags flying!

Our house from the basin view.  Look at the colors of the trees!

Our dock and two sailboats out front.  Enough boats yet?

Our other house where Miss Carolyn lives!

The colors in her front yard facing the basin.

Our house with the colors flying.  YES - I'll get to that dead locus tree!

Anchorage Basin Marina (Kenny's) with boats and the Bayard house in the distance.  You can see Pell gardens band enclosure too!

Getting ready for a Sunday boat trip?  It's a nice day for it.

Anchorage Basin Marina corporate offices.  Kenny's there - I see the pickup.

Our little house from the Mt. Nebo Side view walking home.

Paul and Gwen's house (Walter Cooling's old house) on Mt. Nebo Road.  Looking at all the new windows and siding.

Ahhh . . . that nice blue sailboat is under way, I like that one!

Another look and Paul and Gwen's house from the front.  Note Gwen's new bay window!

A closer look at the new vinyl siding, eves and gutters - looking good!

A closer look at our house at 727 Mt. Nebo Road where Miss Carolyn lives.  The new roof and gutters still look good!

The front of our house from Mt. Nebo Road.  the flags are flying high!

The non-zoomed in view of our house from Mt. Nebo Road with the sun shining thru the trees - it's still early morning.

Our first driveway entrance and the pool and garage.  The leaves are falling!

Another view from Mt. Nebo Road of our house.

Walking down the driveway and a shot back at the pool almost all closed for the winter.  The cover is on - now we need to pack up the furniture.

A lone 87 Camaro RS sits in the driveway with the sunlight.  I guess Clarke is still home!?

A zoomed in shot of the Camaro.

Finally back home - our front door.  Well, maybe just in time for a nice breakfast?  Will have to see.  Hope you enjoyed my walk?

Feel free to let me know what you think or if you have any questions, send me an email at eeboas@dol.net.

ALL Photos 2008 Dr. Edward E. Boas, Jr., and are to be used ONLY with written consent.
Any and ALL other publications of these pictures without permission is prohibited. Thank you!

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