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Saturday June 19th - Byram Cove - Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey
The house where my sister and I grew up - 341 Maxim Drive

Sharing some quick pictures of the house where I grew up in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey!
We moved in during Hurricane Connie in August 1955 and sold the property in the Fall of 1978 - 23 years.
My folks purchased another home on the lake in Prospect Point at that time - some pictures of that house are also included here.

When we arrived, I decided to walk down and knock on the door.  A very nice man answered the door and I told him who I was
and that I had lived here as a child.  We talked for a moment and he was very gracious to give us the grand tour!
John and Angele Tanyeri (the current owners) have done a magnificent job on restoring the house to is due grandeur.  This photo
is from the picture window in the living room looking down to the lake - nice view!

Looking from the dining room into the living room.  The picture window is where the above picture was taken.  They have
completely restored the walls and floors and opened up the wall between the two rooms and installed the pillars - it looks great!

The front yard from the lower level apartment.  At the lake the front yard faces the lake.  The boathouse is just being finished from a complete
restoration.  The lawn and landscaping is absolutely outstanding.  The stone work on the walkways and terraces is beautiful - a site to see!

I must admit the lawn never looked so good when I kept it cut.  I think I heard John say that they have a sprinkler system installed.
The additional 40' of property to the right was purchased some years after my parents bought the house to make room for the
driveway to come down next to the garage and off street parking - a premium at the lake.  You will see pictures of this later in this page.
The 40' also got us 40' more waterfront too!

The downstairs apartment/living area or guest quarters have new windows looking out to the lake.

Here is the right side of the downstairs apartment/guest area looking out to the cove - beautiful.

It was nice to see and John even commented on how they left the old appliances - which still work! - that's why with his two
young children they took the knobs off the stove - the kids apparently turned it on and - yep - it still works.  This was installed in the
late 1950's by my grandfather and father - I remember it well.

The just finished the re-do of the kitchen.  It's still the same layout but has been all updated.  This is the view from the dining room
looking to the back porch and the entry door.  The windows looks up the sidewalk to the road or back yard.

The living area seen here taken from the dining room is very nicely done.  The fireplace and handrails to the upstairs bedrooms
is really nice.  It is decorated with a unique style.  I did not meet John's wife - but I really like her taste!  It very nice.

Standing at the back door looking to the road.  The steps to the patio have changed and so has the walkway stairs to the front/side
door.  There is now a roof over the door area.  That should really help during the winters snows.

Turning around (Penny is already on her way down to the boathouse) looking down the new sidewalks and terraces to the lake.
We were married on the boathouse on my birthday by my neighbor on August 16, 1975 - oh - also my 25th birthday!  This is a very
special place for Penny and I - or course!

You can see the stone work that was done and the landscaping.  Sure beats the cinderblock walls I had installed in the early 1960's.
Wonder where all those cinderblocks have gone?

The house has just been resided with vinyl siding.  Of course it is charcoal grey.  I explained to John my significance with the grey color.
My Dad thought everything went with grey so everything should be a shade of grey.  All aluminum eves and downspouts.  What a great
improvement to the house and property.

From the boathouse looking back at the house.  The new windows in the lower level look great!  Note the side entrance to what was a bedroom.

Looking across the cove to the 12' public dock - looks quite worn and run down but all the other houses look the same.

Looking out of the cove - looks good to me!  This sight brings back nothing but good memories.

The additional 40' of property - where we use to burn leaves - is now nicely landscaped and a very nice seating area.  I really like the
flag poles at the road and lake.

Looking down the cove at the Old Meeks dock and the Old Schwartz docks seems to be falling in the lake.

Well here we are - taking a self picture of us only 33 years after we were married on the exact spot.  I suspect we look a little different
but the house and property look great - maybe we can buy it back when John, Angele and their kids are done with it - I'm game -
I love this place! - and it really looks great now!

Another shot of the landscaping - just wow!

I noticed some of the old - the original dock on the front of the boathouse.

The swimming side of the boathouse.  Note that the boathouse is fully restored with the same vinyl as the house.

The cut-thru still has the BIG ROCK (right) there and looks great - just as I remember it - determines the width of the pass-thru.

The boathouse railing is not yet done - they are still working on it - it's going to be very nice.

The little boat dock now has a swimming area with steps and the picture is taken from the seating area.

From the seating area by the small dock looking back at the house

Looking out of the cove towards where Greg Trass and the Kosa clan lived.

I just can't get over the beautiful lawn and landscaping.

Standing in the driveway by the shed looking back at the house.

The side entrance and the side yard with the boathouse - how many times did we walk up and down over the years?

Appropriately with a kids bike on the patio looking down from the sidewalk to the back yard.

Turning around and looking up to the road - Mom would like to see all that pachysandra flowing on the left.

That's me verifying that Penny and I were there in front of the garage on Maxim Drive.

Another look at the garage, house with driveway and the lake at the far right.

Another shot.

Now this is the house at the Prospect Point location we move to in the Fall of 1978.

Looking at the parking area and the red maple has really grown - nobody was home.

Another final shot from Georgia Avenue.  - Thanks for taking this short tour - hope you enjoyed it.

And now - some pictures from John and Angele when they purchased 341 Maxim Drive that I received in an email July 23, 2008
This is what they purchased and I remember well.  You can see the improvements they have made since 2002 above - wonderful!

The house looking back from the boathouse

Looking out of the living room window

The ice starting to thaw in the cove - thank you Angele for the old photos!

Feel free to let me know what you think or if you have any questions, send me an email at eeboas@dol.net.

ALL Photos 2008 Dr. Edward E. Boas, Jr., and are to be used ONLY with written consent.
Any and ALL other publications of these pictures without permission is prohibited. Thank you!

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