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Canal Day 2008

Every year since 1979 the town of Chesapeake City hosts Canal Day.  This is to celebrate the canal and towns history, and is a MAJOR fund raiser for the non-profit organizations in Chesapeake City, MD.

This event started as a family day event of crafters and antiques with the local organizations (boy/girl scouts, civic association, churches, etc.) hosting a booth or table to raise some money for their organization and have a fun family day event in the process.

In 1976 there was a bi-centennial celebration.  Pat Ward and his wife headed that one up.  Nothing
happened again until 1979 when CCDCA Civic Association came up with the idea of an annual
celebration to help the local organizations raise money.  Dick and Leigh LeGates, Bob and Wendy
Biggs, Jane Foard, Carol and Larry Wolle were the organizers.  Dick LeGates was president of the
CCDCA at that time.  So the first actual 'official' Canal Day at Chesapeake City was 1979.

This Canal Day event has changed in recent years from it's initial goals and direction to something quite different than the town and residents had expected.

We took some aerial photographs of the "Canal Day" festivities to share with everyone in hopes that it will help the town leadership make this a better event for the town residents, town, organizations, and participants in the future by viewing this event from a different perspective.

The following are SOME of the photographs taken.  If you would like an 8"x10" glossy of ANY of these photographs, they are available from
the photographer.  Please contact eeboas@icacc.com.  Please purchase some prints, order by picture number!!

Picture 1 - Our small town with Canal Day in FULL swing - looking East.  The Route 213 bridge is in fir foreground.
The event takes place in SOUTH Chesapeake City and of course - the basin with many boaters enjoying the day!

Picture 2 - Our small town with the streets lined with vendors.

Picture 3 - The Chesapeake Inn in the basin - note the Coast Guard at the entrance to the basin.

Picture 4 - A wide view of the basin looking South and the festivities.

Picture 5 - A closer view of the boat line in front of the Chesapeake Inn.

Picture 6 - The Army Corps of Engineers Pilot house is in the foreground lower left.
The lighthouse is also visible in the center  of the picture.  Most people don't know we have a lighthouse in Chesapeake City, Maryland.

Picture 7 - Another view of the Inn and the boaters - quite a few!

Picture 8 - Looking West - almost the entire basin is visible.

Picture 9 - A wide view looking West including the Chesapeake City Bridge.

Picture 10 - Looking Northwest with the Route 213bridge in the top center of the picture - wide view.

Picture 11 - Focus on the boats in the basin - again looking Northwest.

Picture 12- A different look of the Chesapeake City bridge - south side up ramp.

Picture 13 - Looking at downtown South Chesapeake City from a little angle - the bridge is in the lower part of the picture.

Picture 14 - Same type of view looking more to the buildings on the canal in South Chesapeake City.

Picture 15 - Looking East from the town to the boats in the basin - I like this view - do you? - let me know eeboas@icacc.com

Picture 16 - a high and wide view looking south east of the bridge in the foreground and the town and basin - nice day!

Picture 17 - Close up of the boats and Chesapeake Inn.

Picture 18 - Wide high long shot looking West of the basin and bridge - maybe a future post card?

Picture 19 - From the back side - Mt. Nebo in the lower part of this picture - Paul and Gwen's house in the bottom middle.
This was the former Walter Cooling residence.

Picture 20 - Looking south - southeast with the symbolic bridge in the foreground - wide view.

Picture 21 - A little different view, the elementary school in for foreground and looking north east - nice shot!

Picture 22 - Looking from North Chesapeake City in the foreground to the basin south of the canal.

Picture 23 - Wide view with the Army Corps of Engineers facility in the foreground lower right - the museum is in the lower right.
Did you know we have a canal museum in town? Check out some of our history here:

Picture 24 - The basin and boats from another angle.

Picture 25 - The bridge centered in the picture at the top.  Can you count how many boats are there - I know! - I counted them!!

Picture 26 - My house - now I know why in the fall I have so many leaves?

Picture 27 - Another view of my house - now where is that pool hiding? - I spend enough time cleaning it!!

Picture 28 - There is the corner of the pool and Bill and Susie's house in the foreground across the street.

Picture 29 - The Army Corps of Engineers peninsula with the Inn in the background - looking South West.

Picture 30 - Our little South Chesapeake City town looking north - note the vendors on the streets!

Picture 31 - Another view looking north of our town from a slightly higher angle - look at the main street vendors and
those in front of the church!

Picture 32 - Another angle of downtown with the vendors and it's location in relationship to the boats in the basin.

Picture 33 - a wide view of town and the basin looking east into Delaware - a nice day was had by all!!  Hoped you enjoyed
the aerial tour - my pleasure!!

ALL Photos 2008, and are to be used ONLY with written consent.
Any and ALL other publications of these pictures without permission is prohibited. Thank you!

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