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March 2nd, 2008
A Beautiful walk in Chesapeake City, MD. and the Southside Canal Levies

Hello.  It was a nice day in Chesapeake City this Sunday.  After getting up late and an even later breakfast we decided with
a neighbor to go for a walk around town.  We had heard that there was a fire at the Bayard house downtown and wanted to take
a first hand look.  I took my "brownie" Kodak digital 10Mb camera.  Here are some of the results to share with you who may be
interested in the area.

Looking back at our dock on the basin in Chesapeake City, MD.  Green Point Marine (Tommy Connell) has had his rig at my dock
for a week or so getting ready for some repairs in the area.  He put in our dock and has a lifetime pass for docking there as needed - ha!


A closer 'zoomed in' view of his pile driving rig at the end of my dock.  NOTE that it is VERY LOW tide (slack at this time).

As we walked downtown, we used the promenade in town behind town hall.  We noted that the copper pipes in the railings were
suspiciously missing - wonder why?  (Did I say COPPER?).

Looking back from the town wharf towards out end of the basin.  Our house is off to the RIGHT of this picture.  Wanted to catch the
seagulls in the water and the glasslike basin.  The Army Corps of Engineers boats are off to the left of the basin shown here.

Well, the Bayard house is still standing.  Looks like some roof damage.  Note the new lumber over the entrance and the left side also
had new lumber.  People were in the dining area overlooking the canal eating.  So I guess they are open!

As we are on the canal at the Bayard House, we noticed a barge being pushed up the canal - time for some pictures.  It's a KODAK
moment! - and I have a KODAK camera - Let's see what we can do.

Since the tide was out I jumped down the rocks (see the Bayard House sign up on the extreme left?) and wanted to get the barge with
the bridge.  I got it!

So how close can I get to the water and get a picture and not get my feet wet?  Here it's getting closer.

Showing the extreme low tide in the foreground.  Normally where you see the stone on the left of this picture is where the water level
normally rises.  This is about 4-5 feet below mean tide.

Ahhhh, the artistic shot.  I know those weeds were there for a reason - no bad?

Now you begin to see the tug that is pushing the barge to the east to the Delaware Bay (about 14 miles away).

You can see the captain's boat here changing the captain from a Maryland Chesapeake Bay captain to a Delaware Bay captain for the
remainder of the trip to and thru the Delaware Bay waters.  The pilot house for this change is right here in Chesapeake City on the
North side of the Canal.

The captain change has taken place and the captains boat is heading back to its dock on the north side just to the left of this picture.

We started walking up from the water into town and this alley attracted my camera.  Just interesting.

A look back to the canal about a block from the water out in front of the Yacht Club Restaurant.  Note the statue on the left - that's where
the menus are kept if you want one!?

Across the street the homes on the block.  YES, there were quite a few tourists in town today.

Same spot looking up the street at the Blue Max Bed and Breakfast on the corner and the other homes on the street.  Nice to see the
flags flying as always.

I have always admired this garage/apartment behind the Blue Max.  It was build by Orion builders about 8-10years ago.  Just a block
from the water on Ferry Slip Road with water behind it, just makes sense and looks good.  Love the garage space.

We started walking back down the sidewalk on the basin and walked past our properties.  had to get a good picture of the pile driving
rig for Tommy - I'm sure he doesn't have a picture?

Many years ago in the early 1930's our waterfront was lined with stones.  Here you can see the stones.  Although the land has receded
about 10-20 feet, the stones remain.  This if from our dock looking North.

This is from our dock looking south.  The stones have been here from the 1930's as best as we can document from life long people
who remember and were raised in town.

From our dock looking back in town to the Bayard House (center with blue tarp) to the bridge which is Route 213.  NOTE again the
tide is really out today!

We decided to take a walk to the levies on the south side over by the Army Corps building and museum.  There is a way around the
gates and fences to get easy walking access to the 4 levels of canal roads and levies walking areas.  Let's keep this access a secret OK?

From the Army Corps property, zoomed in across the basin (about 450 yards) to our house on the hill historically known as the
'Adams' house (of floating theater fame) called Linger Longer.

Another shot to the right a bit to our other house on the hill (the first Adams house - Done Rovin).  Tommy's rig from the other side
also - hope he doesn't mind the pictures?

From near the boat launching ramp on the basin to the bridge.  Looks like some traffic on the road also.  The docks are fenced in and
the property on the right is the Army Corps property.

After accessing our 'secret' access to the canal behind the Corps HQ, we are on the levies and walking toward Delaware.  This shot
looks back at the Canal Museum in the foreground left and the Route 213 bridge.  Off we go a walking!

Suddenly, what luck, a ship coming from the Delaware Bay to the Chesapeake Bay.  That means a captain change and we can watch!
What's even more ironic is that when we got home there was a message on the answers box.  Our friend and customer Andrew Parrish
called and indicated he was coming up the canal in a big car carrier and wanted to let us know to look for him on the bridge.  Little did
HE KNOW that we got him.  He is a Delaware Captain and getting ready to get off here in Chesapeake City so a Maryland Captain
can board.  Thanks for the call Andrew and WE GOT YOU!

We were walking on the second level (of four levels today) on the levies.  We could only take pictures of the ship when there was an
opening in the foliage.  I think that adds to these pictures - yes?

We are walking toward the ship and it is coming to us.  It was fighting quite a strong tide also.

Another opening in the foliage and another shot of the ship getting closer to us walking towards it.  You can now see the lower level
levee in this shot also.

Here comes the captain boat to change the captains.  Andrew will get off and a Maryland captain will board to take the ship down the
Chesapeake Bay.

It's getting closer - I like this shot!

We are on the second level of the levies and about 50-60 feet above the waterline.  You can now begin to appreciate the size of this
ship as it gets closer.  YEP, the ground moves!

The captain change has just taken place and Andrew is off the ship to the captains boat - I assume his day is done unless he will wait
in the pilots shack for another hop back to the Delaware bay later today.  I'll find out when I call him.

A closer look at the change and the ladder they have to climb up to board the big ship - of course - while it is moving!

Another shot of the ship as it approaches where we are walking.

The captain ship and the BIG ship passes us by.

You can get a sense of how far we have walked from town, about a mile and the ship is heading to the Chesapeake City bridge.
We are still walking towards Delaware/East.

I held the camera above the foliage and zoomed in and took this shot.  Sometimes the good stuff is just luck!

We had to take a picture of my wife's hair dressers house.  Sheila - can you see me now? -

Another picture of Shelia's house on the North side of the canal about a mile out of town on the North side.

When we got near the Delaware State line we took the high road.  Moved up to the THIRD level and started walking back.
About half way, we moved back down to a lower third level and took this nice shot of the bridge.

Penny and Paul (our neighbor) waking back to the basin in south Chesapeake City.

When we got back to the basin, I could not resist these two mallards cruising in the basin by themselves.   They must like this time of
year - no boats to bother them - nice!

A final shot of the mallards and the basin about 3:45PM in the afternoon.  Hope you enjoyed our little walk around town and the levies
here in South Chesapeake City.

Feel free to let me know what you think or if you have any questions, send me an email at eeboas@dol.net.  Next time you go for a
walk - take your camera and share your fun!

ALL Photos 2008 Dr. Edward E. Boas, Jr., and are to be used ONLY with written consent.
Any and ALL other publications of these pictures without permission is prohibited. Thank you!

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