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Since we fly Helicopters and Airplanes and collect and restore cars, motorcycles, tractors, and almost anything that runs - like most people we have battery needs.  It seems every time you turn around the battery needs to be replaced or there is some problem with a battery.  We needed to find a solution and a GREAT company to work with.  Well we did!

We stock DEKA batteries and accessories.  They have battery applications for all the battery backup and UPS systems we sell in the computer store application.  They also have all the automotive, boat, motorcycle, tractor applications and more!!

New and used computers, printers, scanners, parts and accessoriesTheir product stands up to the test of time and quality.  We have not found a better battery and have had GREAT success with their products.  We stock many types and styles and get shipments on orders once a week.

We have jumper cables and accessories of HIGH quality, not the foreign types many stores stock.  This is ALL USA made and supported by a great company.

We have GOLF CART batteries and wheel chair batteries.  Those tough to find 6V batteries at exceptional prices.

You will not find better pricing anywhere.  Give us a call and try DEKA.  You won't be sorry!

We also stock the Battery Tenders (http://www.batterytender.com/) to keep your battery fresh when you don't use your motorcycle, car, airplane or boat for an extended period of time.  We have found their intelligent battery tender to be the best product not to boil out the battery electrolyte/water and keep it ready for your use.  We carry the 6V, 12V and aircraft 24V chargers.

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