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1974 Corvette Barn Find July 2008
YES - there still are barn finds!

September 1st, 2008 pictures - Trailer Rollout and Cleaning - Beautiful Day!!

Pictures of the actual find in the garage are NOW here! - See below
This is the actual vehicle in my trailer at the shop July 2008

YES, when you think you have heard it all - it happens again.  We hauled this home today (July 2008)
out of a barn here in Cecil County.  YES, they still hide cars in barns in this part of Maryland.
We were VERY luck to obtain this car.  It's a great project for Clarke and I to make a nice Corvette (again!).

This car was ironically purchased by a friend of mine and I was asked to haul it at that time about 5 years ago.
I indicated if you ever want to sell it - let me know - well my time came this July 2008.
It had no brakes then and it has no brakes now - It also doesn't roll but its a Corvette! that needs LOTS of work!
Ironically, I was the last one to drive the Corvette into the barn over 5 years ago - what goes around comes around?

These actual pictures were taken after we cleaned out the barn so we could get to the car.
Then the car on the trailer on a VERY HOT AND HUMID day in July in Chesapeake City, MD.
The car has NOT yet been washed in these photos but the covers and big stuff has been removed
but it's ALL THERE and it starts and runs!

1974 Corvette
More specific Corvette details and links at the bottom of this page!!

The car came with BOXES and BOXES (seen in later pictures) of NEW PARTS!!

 Stay tuned!  - Yep, car crazy nuts! - Clarke wanted a project like the 1982 Collectors Edition
one we did 2 years ago (which is STILL for sale!).
But it rolls (on dollies), runs, and has no brakes - so we can continue from there.

 OK - the pictures or the car in the garage/barn are here now!  We took photos with Clarke's phone.

We had to clear from the outside various stuff to get to the door.  From the inside (shown in later pictures also)
we had to clear out a path to see the car.  We even swept the floor and filled the garbage can - right front!

You can see to the right the boards that were leaning and surrounding the car in this location.
Edward and I are moving the dolly into position to support the back left wheel so it will roll.
We ended up taking off the back RIGHT wheel also since it was a strain on the leaf spring, shock, etc. and put
the RIGHT side on a dolly also - shown in trailer pictures below.

Sorry, it's a phone camera, I think that's my back in the foreground.

That's the back of Edward's head there (I don't have that much hair there anymore- ha!) - Still positioning
the LEFT read dolly.  See all the stuff around on the front right we moved but still close to the car?

THESE pictures below are the car in my trailer at the shop as we found it.


Right Front - YES the car had been painted but I guess the headlights didn't matter to the painter?  YES - that's dust, sawdust, and dirt!
What did you expect - it was in a barn!

Left front side - yes that's a flat tire and it holds air for about an hour - just about how long it took us to use a COME-ALONG
to get it in the trailer - you will see why in pictures below.


Remember, we cleaned the covers and stuff off the car first - just a little dirty and dusty but ALL there!

Ahhhh - the problem found.  Not only no breaks but no swing arm or shock, axle, etc.  It was removed and yes CUT-off!
we made the dolly shown here and strapped it on for the come-along pull into the trailer just as you see it here.


Left rear quarter panel - not bad shape here.  You can see where I rubbed against the car - that's paint under the dust!

Left read shot - the rear window is in tact, air vents and BOTH 'T' tops are in good shape.


Gas cap and back window show here.

The interior is all here.  Some glass beaded parts and zinc-chromate on the passenger seats.  I have an ENTIRE new interior
NEW that came with the car - even some gauges, etc. - all NEW OEM!


Left side - the windows trim is still off and so is the rear view mirror - I guess when painted?  The hood is open
so we could check out the engine - YEP - it's all there!

A close up look at the dolly for the left rear missing parts.  We pulled from the back axle and this dolly did a good job!


Left front - I have a new fiberglass bumper that came with the car with the grills, parking lights, etc.  ALL I need for the front is with the car!

Right front again from a lower view.


Right side passengers, note the cork holding the window from vibrating - wonder what that part number is??

Right read side - we took off the wheel and put this side on the dolly too so the back was level and even when we pulled it in the trailer.
This is how the left side should look - we will do BOTH sides with NEW parts and swing arms that CAME WITH THE CAR!
You heard me right - we got LOTS of parts and all NEW OEM shocks too!


The read of the car - all lights and lenses are there even in the license plate holder.

View from the right rear of the car - no prior damage marks or evidence the car was hit anywhere.

OK - here is the inside from the passenger side.  I have new seat covers - no problem.  Also NEW door panels in the box!
YEP - came with the car - nice!


Look closely - I left the keys on the console where they were found.  The ignition key on the shift pattern and the door key on the lower
right of the console.  Did I mention it's a BIG BLOCK 4 SPEED??  - can you hear me now???

The backs of the seats look pretty good.
I'll post more here when I have time, pictures, and information for you!
Comments welcome!!

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